Reconciling Pentecostals International

Whereas, God's purpose concerning man find fulfillment in our being:

​01)  A welcoming, safe fellowship of churches and ministries where those who are unsaved can come to hear the full gospel of Jesus Christ and be born again.
02)  The open arms of Christ to wounded and alienated Pentecostals seeking reconciliation and restoration to progressive and affirming Pentecostal churches.
03)  Vessels, set apart to proclaim the full gospel of Jesus Christ, to worship, fellowship, educate, minister, pray and evangelize.
​04)  Bridges of fellowship and education to other traditional, mainline ministries which in the past have not been inclusive.

​Whereas, there is an abundant outpouring of the Holy Ghost upon all flesh (Acts 2:17), we would make provision for their care and ministry by:   
​Providing a spiritual foundation of tenets of belief.   
Providing an environment conducive to holy living.   
Providing a social climate that encourages and supports monogamous relationships and solid family units.   
Providing an atmosphere of Spirit-led and anointed, scripturally sound Pentecostal worship.   
Providing an association unified in purpose to Embrace, Encourage, Educate and Evangelize.   
Providing a "city of refuge" for the healing of those who have been abused and hurt in other churches.

​We therefore gladly accept the solemn responsibility that has been committed to us, and assemble ourselves as the “Fellowship of Reconciling Pentecostals International”.

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