Reconciling Pentecostals International

Listed below are the most frequently asked questions concerning RPI.  For any further questions please email

Q: What is the RPI's relationship to other existing ministries? 

A: RPI seeks the fellowship of other Bible-based ministers and organizations.  We desire to bless them as they fulfill their call.  We hope to work with each one in a spirit of cooperation, while keeping our calling to Apostolics in focus.

Q: Is there a place in RPI for Pentecostals from non-Apostolic backgrounds?

A: RPI recognizes the credibility and anointing of various Pentecostal ministers and churches who do not fully subscribe to our interpretation of Scripture and statement of faith.  Being committed to harmony in the Body of Christ until we all come into the unity of the faith, we open our arms to all Pentecostals.

Q:  What does RPI believe?
A:  We believe in the One True God, the deity of Jesus Christ, the authority of the Bible, mankind's fallen estate, salvation by faith, true repentance, water baptism in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, discipleship by obedience and holiness, world evangelism, healing and deliverance, the second coming of Christ, Heaven and Hell.  Also see our Mission and Bylaws. 

Q:  When do RPI ministers and churches gather?
​A: We have a General Conference which is a bi-annual event (dates and locations vary), and also have a Minister's Retreat which is also a bi-annual event (dates and locations vary). RPI Rally's are held at different Affiliated and Associated Churches around the U.S. As with all events we will announce ahead of time dates, locations, and all information pertaining to the event. Please check the events section of the RPI website to see what's happening next.

Q:  What can RPI do for me as a minister?
A:  Our fellowship offers a Ministers in Training Program for the beginning minister just answering the call of God upon their life or those with no education or experiential background. We also offer three areas of affiliation and Licensure: Associate License is for Pentecostal ministers that do not fully subscribe to our Statement of Faith and/or for those who are seeking to establish themselves as ministers. Candidates must be  willing to further their education and understanding of apostolic truths as exemplified by the Book of Acts and Epistles.  General License and Ordination are for those with established ministries who fully subscribe to our doctrinal statement and are willing to continue their educational process through reading and reporting on recommended books as well as growing experientially.  RPI provides a spiritual covering, accountability, support, and fellowship.  We encourage education, honor experience and expect ethical conduct. Furthermore, we open our pulpits to approved ministers who show a spirit of cooperation, accountability and are team players. However, each RPI pastor may use their own judgment to choose who speaks from their pulpits. 

Q:  Who is currently leading the RPI?
A:  Our Chief Presiding Presbyter and President of the Board is Rev. Randy Duncan.  The Board of Presbyters presently consists of Rev. Dan Wright and Rev. Daniel Parnell. 

Q:  Can churches and ministries join the RPI?
A:  Yes, churches and ministries can affiliate as Full or Associate Members.  See also Ministerial Credentials.



Frequently Asked Questions