Founding Pastor: rev. Randy Duncan

New Life Connectpoint

Associate Pastor: rev. Dan Wright

New Life was born out of a burden of our founding pastor to open a church welcoming ALL people regardless of their previous religious affiliation, socio-economic status, gender, race, orientation, biblical knowledge or any other situation.

Laporte ,IN

My name is Randy Duncan.  I founded New Life ConnectPoint (formerly New Life Community Church of Hope) in 1997 and continue to serve as Senior Pastor of this great congregation.  I love the community in which I serve and want to do everything in my power to let God use me as a vessel of love and compassion.  It is my heart's desire to reach out and minister to those in our community who are hurting and in need.
It is my passion to see every member of our community develop a strong and personal relationship with Jesus Christ while at the same time developing their own gifts and talents.  I not only want this church to be a place of refuge for those in need, but also a place for committed followers of Christ to mature in their own faith and ministry.
If you do not regularly attend a church, we hope you'll stop by and visit us at New Life.  Our doors are open to ALL, our worship is powerful and Christ-centered, our preaching and teaching is Bible-based, and our love for others is sincere and real.

God Bless You,

Pastor Randy Duncan

My name is Dan Wright and I have been the Associate Pastor at New Life ConnectPoint (formerly New Life Community Church of Hope) since it was founded in 1997. 
My hearts desire is to minister to anyone who has felt the harsh rejection of Christianity due to their race, gender, sexual orientation, age, social status, or religious background.  In addition to wanting to minister to these individuals, I want to introduce them to someone who loves them just as they are. That someone is Jesus!
We do not claim to have the answers to all of life's difficult questions. We do, however, believe we can introduce you to the One who does.  After browsing through our website I pray that you will feel the unconditional love that is available within our church community and will be inspired to contact us or stop by for a visit.

God Bless You,
Pastor Daniel C. Wright

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