Fellowship of Reconciling Pentecostals International


Pastor Randy Duncan was filled with the Holy Ghost at the age of 12 while attending a revival at First Jesus Name Church, located one mile from his home on the family farm near the town of Weedpatch, CA.  At this early age he began to involve himself in all facets of the church including music, youth service, outreach and nursing home ministry.  He loved traveling to Youth Rally & Fellowship Meetings.  After high school his life journey led him to Atlanta, GA where he eventually left the Apostolic Church and came out, but was not reconciled.  These were the 70's and were very confusing years. Though he was happy with the company of others like himself, he longed for the thrill of the Pentecostal environment he had grown so accustomed to.  He was the only member of his family that found God in an Apostolic Pentecostal Church.  In fact, his parents were none too happy that their young son had found a place with the "holy rollers".  After graduating from Georgia State University in Atlanta with a dual degree in Special Education and Elementary Education, Randy did return to church. He re-dedicated himself to the Lord,  but this time at a United Pentecostal Church.  In 1976, he married the pastor's daughter and later became the father of three wonderful children.  First, the couple served together in music ministry. Then, with his degree, Randy began to work with Christian Schools as Principal. Finally, Randy accepted his call to pastoral ministry after years of feeling too unworthy to ever fulfill what he felt called to do. His first pastorate was with his little Pentecostal family in Woodworth, LA.  It was there, after great success in taking this congregation to a new level in the district,  that divorce took place and the home split apart. Devastated and struggling to stay with the fellowship he had become so dedicated to, he married again moving his children to NW Indiana.  After years of struggle and being separated from his children who had returned to the south (Houston) to live, depression became his constant stalker.  But, in the midst of fasting and seeking God for deliverance, God revealed the real plan He had for Randy.  Deliverance did come. However, it was in the discovery that God made him just as he was and that there was no mistake in the Creator's choice.  By invitation from his new friend, Doug Clanton, Randy attended his first affirming T.E.N. Conference in Vancouver, B.C., over Labor Day weekend 1996.  There he met some of the people who would become mentors, teachers and lifelong friends including Dennis and Evelyn Schave.  God had not forsaken him, but had opened up a brand new world of ministry and happiness.  Randy temporarily relocated to the Phoenix area during his transitional time.  There, at a church social, around Valentine's day 1997, he met a handsome gentleman by the name of Dan Wright.  God was right on time! He had answered Randy's earnest prayer for God to send him "Mr. Right." God literally answered that prayer by bringing Dan Wright into Randy's life. Randy returned to Indiana to sell out after the divorce was final.  However, God had other plans again!  Dan prayed for God's will which led him to relocate to Indiana to help build a church for ALL of God's children.  At the age of 46, Dan Wright and Randy Duncan were joined in holy union with Randy's children in attendance at a modest ceremony in their home.  He and Dan founded New Life ConnectPoint (formerly New Life Community Church of Hope) in LaPorte Indiana, in November 1997.  They have faithfully served God and the church for these past 19 years.  They presently reside in the same home that New Life began holding services in late 1997.  Randy's love for family, truth and committed ministers along with spreading the gospel is evident in his life.  Pastor Randy was ordained with RPI in 2001 and served on the general board as Presiding Presbyter. He also became chairman of the credentialing committee and co-director of the RPI Education Division. During the 2009 General Conference in Indianapolis, he was elected to the office of President and Chief Presiding Presbyter which he continues to serve in today.

President and chief presiding presbyter

bishop randy duncan

New Life ConnectPoint ~ A Community Church of Hope - La Porte, Indiana