our mission 

Our mission is to share Jesus and his abundant love and grace with all persons who identify as Transgender.  God’s Word confirms that: “We were created in the image and likeness of God our creator.”  Genesis 1:27. 

The RPI Transgender Ministry will serve four main functions:
​•    To go into churches and any other venue where Transgender men and woman are so they can hear and know that God loves them as he created them to be; also, to share the love of God through faith in Jesus Christ.  
•    To make available books and research materials designed to help Transgender women and men, and others, understand the uniqueness and blessing of being made special (as a Eunuch) in the kingdom of God.  
•    To teach seminars for Pastors and other Church leaders about the complexities of living as a Transgender person.  Our goal is to educate those who are uninformed concerning the life of Trans* identified individuals.  
​•    To use all media outlets to fulfill this mission. 

Transgender ministry

Fellowship of Reconciling Pentecostals International