Reconciling Pentecostals International


My name is Randy Duncan. I am Chief Presiding Presbyter of Reconciling Pentecostals International.   I want to personally welcome you and thank you for stopping by our website today. Since its inception in 2000, RPI strives to be a home for all disenfranchised Pentecostals for whatever reason and wherever you find yourself at this present time. Our goal is to assist those who are struggling or confused in understanding where they really stand with God. 

​We all know that the traditional Pentecostal church has misunderstood and often been quite offensive with their approach to gay people and the subject of homosexuality. And, though we vehemently disagree with that position, we realize most of us came from that same mindset, but now understand that God does have gay children. Unless God is allowed to reveal the Truth on this matter to our pastor or even our family, we are better off and more productive moving on --taking a positive stand ---and then assisting those who are ready to hear the “really good news!” 

​RPI wants to provide places of worship for disenfranchised Pentecostal Christians. In order for this to happen, we welcome ministers, pastors, elders, SS teachers and our wonderfully gifted ministers of music to find RPI to be a place where they can continue their ministry. Many ministers, after coming out, have thought there would never again be a place for their ministry. But, that is just not true. We really do believe the “gifts and callings of God are without repentance.” God didn’t make a mistake when he called you. We are not a surprise to God---He is our Creator! 

​RPI offers an expanding training program for those who feel a call of God on their life, but perhaps never answered that call because of feelings of inferiority or unworthiness-- relating to their orientation or gender. Our fellowship is open to those individuals who are now ready to go forward in their calling. We have an educational training program and mentoring system in place to assist those who need further knowledge and grooming in Biblical studies, doctrine and experience. We presently have several ministers in our associate licensing program who are developing their preaching skills and increasing their knowledge of the Word of God through this educational system.

​I have come to realize that we live in a generation that wants answers. People today are rejecting pretense and double standards. When the church declares that “we love everyone”---- people today, especially young people, want to see this truly displayed in action, not just in words. Many of us have always attempted to be faithful Christians in the church of our youth. We just happen to be gay. 

​As ministers and serious believers, we had to know, without a shadow of doubt, that God really loves us as we are. We weren’t interested in a false gospel just to appease ourselves. Something just wasn’t making sense and we sought the real truth! RPI hasn’t re-written the Bible or torn out certain pages with certain passages. On the contrary, we have found the Bible to be a friend to ALL people—even gay, lesbian, transgender and intersexed persons----as well as all of God’s multiplicity and variety of creation. 

​So, as you peruse our website, take note of what you see, what you read, and what you feel. Seriously seek God about whom you should align yourself with on your new found Christian journey. 

​Welcome to RPI----Reconciling Pentecostals International!